I Stepped On the Scale Today…

And I’m not going to tell you what it said. Suffice it to say that I’m almost back to the size from three years before that initially made me become a vegan. Being a vegetarian made me slack off on a lot of things in the past year – to the point where I pretty much felt comfortable eating a lot of processed foods and sweets, etc. After all, I wasn’t eating meat, so if I wanted to have one, two, or three chocolates…why not?

Well, the scale today told me what happens after eating an unhealthy vegetarian diet for over a year. It’s one thing to be a healthy vegetarian, but to be one and eat a lot of dairy, processed items, white bread…no wonder I feel horrible lately.

So this past week I did do a little better and stayed a vegan until this past weekend. Then I ate cheese and was flexible on my eating. The scale today told me that there was a reason I wasn’t feeling very good and it reminded me that I should pretty much stay vegan for a while before I can feel okay about being flexible between eating and not eating dairy. At this point, today. I’m just depressed.

So, for lunch I made this smoothie – blueberries, strawberries, pomegranate and pineapple, with one scoop of vegan protein, and one cup of soy milk. Pretty good, but I wish I hadn’t put the pomegranates in. Those don’t really blend very well and so I ended up having to crunch my way through a smoothie, so that clearly doesn’t make sense. I’ll avoid putting that in next time I make this type of smoothie.

And oh man – still feeling bad about myself. I think tonight it’s going to be a strictly fresh and vegan dish for dinner tonight.

I definitely need to incorporate the fresh juices again that I used to make in the mornings. I used to make a mixture of carrots and apples and all kinds of other veggies and fruits (by the way, carrots are super sweet so juicing carrots is a lot tastier than it might sound). Once I get back to that regular eating habit, I may feel a bit better about stuff.

Happy Eating,

The Wanna Be Vegan


One Comment to “I Stepped On the Scale Today…”

  1. You seem to be doing great to me — you’re keeping a journal of your successes and challenges. That’s a really positive step!

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