...marrying my best friend...

I am trying. Trying, trying, trying to be vegan instead of vegetarian. There’s no way I’ll ever go back to eating any meat – it’s too over-processed and amped up with hormones for me to ever be interested in eating that unhealthy stuff. But, I struggle with maintaining my vegan life. For my 1st post, which sort of explains it all, click here.

Really Important Disclaimer Note Thingy:  This blog is strictly my personal and editorial commentary only. I am not a Registered Dietitian, a Nutritionist, a Personal Trainer, or anything. I’m not qualified to do anything but complain about myself.

You can also catch me on my other blog where I review the books I read. Click here to visit Coffee and a Book Chick.

So. I love to eat and I love to read. And oh how I do love Italy…


The Wanna Be Vegan

Coffee and a Book Chick

Below: At my worst…and where I want to be again…

...at my very worst...

...where I want to be again...



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