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February 6, 2011

Mr. Vegan? Meet Mr. Carnivore. Now, Play Nice.

First of all, I can’t believe I’m defending Oprah. Again.

Last week, Oprah challenged her staffers to go vegan for one week. Consequently, no matter how many times she declared that it was a choice and that no one was forced to do anything that they didn’t want to do, a flurry of bloggers who are pro-omnivore or carnivore got up in arms about how ridiculous Oprah is, meat isn’t horrible, vegans are lame, yada yada. Vegans responded with snarky comments of their own left and right.

It’s really all just silly – neither side of the argument on eating or not eating animals should be making sweeping generalizations about any one group. It really does nothing but reinforce negative stereotypes for both sides. Isn’t it possible to have open dialogue to discuss the best way for animals to be slaughtered for food, etc.? After all, we all know that not everyone in the world is going to instantly become a vegan or vegetarian, and vice versa. But it’s simply a choice and everyone should be educated on how food gets from the field to the table. What’s the harm with that? Sheesh, even Lisa Ling witnessed the cow being killed in the slaughterhouse and she says she’s still eating meat. So, witnessing what happens to an animal isn’t going to immediately convert everyone to write Vegan Manuals and start going door-to-door preaching the new way of eating.

I remember telling close family and friends that I was a vegan a few years ago and their response was almost as though I had gone completely insane, or that I was going to start throwing red paint on them immediately. Then, the inevitable family holiday dinners came about and the buzz now was “Oh, no…! Now that she’s vegan (gasp), what do we make for her…?” *whisper whisper* I am fairly certain that they expected me to lay on the ground outside with wild animals and start munching on a tree trunk, wrapped in my non-leather and vigorously approved PETA outfit. Would I start chanting to the wind, too? After all, I was a vegan……. *whisper whisper*

Look. If you are a meat eater and you don’t want to change, then don’t. As much as I’d love to educate you to my perspective, it’s really your right to choose. But I ask one thing, Mr./Mrs. Carnivore – if you have access to and can support your local farmers through a CSA program or something similar to it, then please do that. Supporting the local farmer is much more important than making sure you pick up that last-minute fast food meal because a cool toy has just come out (Ooh! A DVD! Sweet – let’s go sit in the line and get my manufactured and processed lumpa something nowwwwww).

And if you don’t eat meat, then okay, goodie there, too. Either way, support your local farmers, become educated on where your food comes from, and try to be nice. And I’m not just talking about being nice to animals, I’m talking about being nice to each other.

Happy Eating,

The Wanna Be Vegan

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