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February 3, 2011

Oprah Can Motivate Everyone. Even to Be a Vegan?


Oprah and The Veganist, Kathy Freston

The other day, *the* Oprah powerhouse challenged her staffers to go vegan for one week. Almost 400 signed up.

Fairly enlightening stuff in the show, I will admit. For Oprah’s viewers, who more than likely live their lives on a hodgepodge of fresh cooked food one day, and McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets for the kids the next, it was probably shocking and eye-opening. The rest was pretty glossed over and included a lot of “cut-to” scenes with producers talking about their addiction to fast food, and the giggle-inducing discussion on how frequent bowel movements were becoming. There was only one exception to the glossy hoo-hah fluff segments, and that was when Lisa Ling had an opportunity to tour Cargill’s slaughterhouse, and followed the life of the cow from field bulk up on a corn-fed diet (not a natural diet for a cow, by the way), to the point in the slaughterhouse when the animal is killed (not shown).

I haaaate to admit this , but mad cow props to Cargill for allowing people to see the inside of their facility and the slaughterhouse industry on the Oprah show, though. I get so frustrated when people just don’t admit how things are. I say, allow transparency into these operations and let people make their own decision, no matter which way it might be. So BIG kudos to Cargill on that – not many companies would allow this (probably because they’re not as clean or they’re not following the Temple Grandin system as Cargill does). Of course, I still don’t like the industry that they’re in, but I have a lot more respect that they were open about this.

No offense, but it was just the “right” amount of graphic insight into the industry of how consumer food makes it to your grocery store. Perfect for the Oprah audience. Touchy feely and emotionally brutal seems to be common fare on the show when it comes to relationships and the like, but knowing where your food comes from? That’s where it gets dicey.

Anywoots, it’s clear that there needs to be change in the meat industry, whether beef or chicken, and even precious fish. Open dialogue to secure that humane practices are being followed is key. I know not everyone can become a vegetarian, or vegan, so let’s make it more respectful and safer for the animals that fill up our plate and keep us going, right?

Frankly, I’m disgusted by the meat industry. I can’t stand the idea of what happens to the animals during the processing, and the short segment with Lisa Ling helped remind me today that I don’t really want any part of supporting that industry.

So…I stayed vegan a bit longer today. Lunch was spinach, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, red peppers, and Tofurkey brand Kielbasa “sausage,” cooked in olive oil and dumped unceremoniously on a plate of whole wheat couscous. I’m no chef, and I have no idea if it’s nutritionally adequate, but I know I’ve got my veggies and protein (from the Tofurkey), so I’m pretty damn happy.


Maybe Oprah did motivate me a bit today. Oy.

Happy Eating,

The Wanna Be Vegan

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